Today almost every home is filled with a ton of different electronics on this portion of the website you will find gaming. Gaming can be a great distraction and a super fun way of spending your free time. There are millions of people around the world using electronic game systems and games to play. Here you will find the most popular most purchased and those old school systems and games.

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    Game systems

    Below are some of the most popular and most purchased gaming systems. Weather that be for online or gaming personally. These systems are incomparable you find what works best for you and you go with it. I always recommend trying a product in store before you actually buy the product. just to get a feel for what your really looking for.




    PS4 games are mostly for online gamers. If your strictly an online gamer my recommendation would be this. It has the most likely hood of becoming a full on session and becomes a fun time in no time.


    Xbox is known for being social. Xbox is a great purchase for anyone looking to find a game to to be more solitary as well as being more personal. Find ways to have your own thing and find a way to make something your own. Also try looking online as well as having these capabilities they also have social media.

    Game Cube



    The most commonly known difference between xbox and play station is online. Play station is more well know for its online abilities where as xbox is more family oriented and is more popular for the internet, Netflix and gaming. If your looking for a gaming time PS is the way to go, but if your looking for a place to game, chill and hang your looking for Xbox.