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When making a purchase its important to know what others are saying about the product before you buy so you are fully aware of what it is exactly that your purchasing. Here we have a variety of different products that have been reviewed by many to insure the correct star review for a particular item.

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    Ps4 Systems

    PS4 Uncharted the Nathan Drake collection 500GB

    system has a product star review of 4 1/2 stars. People are calling it excellent, very very nice, awesome and great. This is a system that is a popular purchase among gamers.

    PS4 Star Wars battle front 500GB

    system has a product star review of 4 1/2 stars. This particular system is limited edition and people are saying they love it and they have no regrets in their purchase of this item. This system comes with a dual shock wireless controller and four star wars classics on voucher.

    PS4 Call of duty black ops 3 limited edition

    system has a 4 1/2 star review. This system is a fantastic purchase for those of you who buy your games online, it comes with 1TB of memory. With its cutting edge graphics people are saying its better then any 500GB, it is an excellent buy and that they love the graphics.

    PS4 Destiny The Taken King 500Gb limited edition

    system has a 4 1/2 star review. This system is a beautiful one, it comes with the destiny inspired silk screened artwork. This system also includes a physical copy of Destiny The Taken King legendary edition. Some people have even gone as far to say its the best system they have ever had, and it exceeded their expectation, others are calling it unique, awesome, beautiful and gorgeous.

    Xbox systems

    Call of duty bundle edition 500GB

    system has a 4 1/2 star review. This system has One month of Xbox Live Gold for advanced multiplayer as well as call of duty ghosts an call of duty black ops 2. People have called this game better then other systems, as well as saying it is an awesome system. People have also recommended this system to anyone who games on Xbox.

    Xbox 360 standard 250GB

    system has a 4 star review. It is a great purchase for those who are just starting to play or for those who like just basic systems. This system is easy to use has 250GB of memory. People are saying this works great, good size, can hold all my games and is easy to set up.

    Xbox One Fall out 4 bundle

    system has a 4 1/2 star review. This system includes 1TB hard drive Xbox One Console, Fallout 4 game disc, Fallout 3 full-game digital download, newly updated Xbox One black wireless controller with a 3.5mm headset jack so you can plug in any compatible headset, AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable and people love it! People are saying this system is amazing, 100% satisfied, awesome and they couldn't be happier.


    Call of duty black ops 3

    Game has a 4 1/2 star review. This game you play in the time of the future being an enhanced solider. Since the future is technology you have the capabilities to fight faster, stronger and smarter. This game also allows you to play with up to 4 people online. people are saying the graphics are shinning and the artist has spent a considerable amount of love and effort on creating this game. They say this game is awesome and they would recommend it to anyone.

    Destiny the taken king

    Game has a 4 star review. This game gives you more powerful abilities and new activities such as bigger bosses. This game gives you access to be a part of a new universe besides our own. people are saying if you like shooting this is your game. They say its fun an has an excellent story line.

    Borderlands the pre sequel

    5 star review.

    This game allows you to actually feel the moons gravity with every jump or leap and new weapons to cause the most epic of mayhem. People are calling this game great, awesome, excellent and even go as far as saying its the best game they have played in a long time.

    Far cry 4

    game has a 4 1/2 star review. This game was rated

    Number One Shooter Of 2012

    There is danger around every corner while your up in the towering Himalayas, in the place of kyrat. getting involved in a civil war you must fight for your mothers dying wish. People are saying this game is a brilliant game, great game and they love it.

    Assassins Creed Unity

    Game has a 4 star review. Go into 18th century Paris and play as an entirely new kind of assassin with new weapons to make killing your prey easier as well as more fun. You can even choose from different weapons, gears, outfits and skills. People are calling this game fun, a great way to spend free time and an awseom game for any Assassins Creed fan.

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

    5 star review

    This game follows Drake as he fights for a treasure. Experience relationships of people closes to him and help him through adventures and family life. People are saying it is the best trilogy, its a great collection, they are in love with this game as well as saying they have no regrets on their purchase of the game as it is "rockin'"